Youth Group @ the Jessie Brown Veterans Hospital

Hi Everyone!

Today, 37 teens from our Youth Group visited the Jessie Brown Veterans Hospital in Chicago. This is the 10th year our Youth Group has visited the veterans. Denisse Montoya, an assistant director of volunteers at the hospital, welcomed us and showed a video about the history of the American military. Afterwards, we broke up into groups and visited many veterans in their hospital rooms. We brought gift bags to all the veterans, that were filled with items that parishioners had donated. The veterans were so excited to receive them. it was truly a "touching" experience to see our teens interacting so well with the sick veterans, and thanking them for their service to our country. A number of the veterans do not receive too many visitors - in fact, one veteran told me he was so pleased to get a visit from us, because no one has ever visited him before! They were happy to see our youth take the time to visit and cheer them up. It was a powerful experience that we will never forget! I am so proud of all who participated!


Fr. Rich