Walk-a-Thon: iPad Winner! Charlie Cordin

Congratulations to Charlie and Thank you ALL! who supported the Walk- a-Thon, because of your support the school raised $12,611.92 towards "HELP US BRIDGE THE GAP!". Thank you to our anonymous donor for donating the iPad. Thank you to the following sponsors for sponsoring the t-shirts: 11th Ward Democratic Party, Commissioner John P. Daley, Ald. Patrick D. Thompson, Ken Dillenkoffer-Wintrust Mortgage, S.I. Shoot Out, In Memory of George & Alice Mangan, John & Eileen Gronkowski, The Brazel Family, The Kappel Family, Mary Ann & Mike Stanislaw, Sunday Crew, The Kirby Family, Stix n Brix Wood Fired Pizza, Pizza Nova, In Memory of Mrs. Falk's Parents: Mary Lou & Jim Bowen, S & J Garrity, The Hermle Family, MP Caplice Insurance Company, In Loving Memory of Finley Bracken. Good job! to ALL our school families, students, and Staff!