Fr. Hurlbert Letter, School & Masses - COVID-19 Cases

Dear Friends,

I understand that we have had an uptick in COVID cases in the Nativity of Our Lord section of Bridgeport, resulting in a two-week pivot to remote learning for Bridgeport Catholic Academy and a decision on the part of the Archdiocese to close down the Nativity campus for this same time period. There is no indication that anyone got sick from being at Nativity, but anecdotal stories point to an event or two in the neighborhood that involved people gathering in such a way that may have spread of the virus.  Given that, the feeling is that it is best not to congregate on our Nativity campus for the moment.

As a result, we need to cancel daily Masses at Nativity of Our Lord this week and next, and the weekend Masses this coming Sunday (September 20). My hope is that we will be able to have Sunday Masses at Nativity again by September 27. Saint Gabriel School remains open for on-site classes and Masses at Saint Gabriel church will go on as scheduled.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. As we work to adapt our lives to restrictions that are difficult to abide by, I know that slip-ups will occur, and those slip-ups will sometimes have an impact on the larger community. I know that I am not always as complaint as I should be with regard to safeguarding my neighbor, and situations like this prompt me to try to do a better job of that. We are in this together, though, and I believe the Lord is teaching us lessons in patience, compassion and flexibility.

Fr Hurlbert

Rev.  James F. Hurlbert

Pastor, Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabriel

Parish Offices at

653 West 37th Street

Chicago, IL 60609