Nothing Bundt Cakes Fundraiser

St. Gabriel Catholic School has partnered with Nothing Bundt Cakes (NBC) Orland Park for our Thanksgiving 2020 Fundraiser! Here's how it will work:

Our organization will receive 15% of all orders placed (half of the profits). If we generate $5,000 or more in sales, we will receive 20% of all orders placed (two-thirds of the profits).

  1. Indicate what you want on the order form and turn your form & payment in organizer.

  2. Take a picture of your order form so you remember what you ordered. It also helps if you se a calendar reminder in your phone!

  3. We submit the orders to NBC in Orland Park, IL and they enter it into their order system.

  4. They will deliver all orders for the fundraiser to us.

  5. On Tuesday, November 24th we will hand out all the orders from 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm at St. Gabriel's Auditorium or from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at Stix N Brix (220 W 33rd St) for SGS Day!

  6. Please Note: Any Order(s) NOT picked up will NOT be REFUNDED OR REPLACED.

  7. That's it - Super easy!

Tips for a successful fundraiser:

*Please make copies of the attached order form (or download and email). Give or send them to your friends, family and neighbors. Encourage them to place an order with NBC as a way to support our organization.

*Collect all orders from your friends, family and neighbors, along with their payment.

Orders and payment are due by Thursday, November 12th. This is a hard deadline as this is the date we need to get it NBC. We apologize for not being able to accept any orders after this date.

*If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, please contact Leanne Costas at:

*Check should be made payable to: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Thank you for your continue support of the St. Gabriel Catholic School

Nothing Bundt Cakes products may contain wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts and peanuts. Please contact the bakery management team at (708)949-8885 for specific allergy questions/concerns.

Nothing Bundt Cakes Order Form0001
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