Father Rich’s Spiritual Post - Great News! We have a New Pastor!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Our prayers have been answered! The archdiocese has announced that Fr. Jim Hurlbert has been officially assigned to be our new pastor! Just as Pentecost marked a new beginning for the early Church, so, too, this will be a new beginning for us - a re-birth of sorts. I have to also believe the Holy Spirit was involved in sending Fr. Jim to us.

I had a wonderful conversation with Fr. Jim on the phone, and I want to let you know how impressed I am with him! We have a true shepherd that has a deep faith. He has a very friendly personality and is easy to talk with! He will be an “approachable” pastor and is a perfect fit for our parish. I felt an immediate “connection” with him when we spoke, and you will, too! He has a collaborative, caring style as a pastor, which is a very strong asset. He is looking forward to serving us as pastor! We couldn’t have asked for a better person! I am filled with joy as I am writing this! He also has great experience, and has already served faithfully as pastor in two parishes. He is exactly the kind of pastor I was praying would come here!

I told him that I have served here for 14 years, and that I have loved our people so much, that I will be staying here in retirement. I spoke highly of all the people in our neighborhood. I said I felt warmly welcomed and supported from the moment I arrived in the parish, and he will have the same experience! So spread the word to everyone that we are BLESSED to have a wonderful new pastor, and Fr. Rich really LIKES him! Praise God for this GOOD NEWS.