Easter Sunday Message from Fr Hurlbert 2021

Dear Friends, Happy Easter! Here is the link to my Easter message: The death-and-resurrection of Jesus Christ is the hinge of human history. It is the foundational event of Christianity. Its transformative power connects creature to Creator, redeemed to Redeemer, reconciled to Reconciler. The saving death of Jesus destroyed our death; his resurrection restored our life. There is simply no way to overstate the significance of this. Last year, Holy Week and Easter were effectively canceled due to the pandemic. This year Catholic parishes are limping along with limited church capacity. Many Catholics are still nervous about gathering or have simply gotten out of the habit of Sunday worship. As our society itself slowly comes back to life, as the pandemic recedes and we emerge from our winter woes, the celebration of Easter reminds us of the glory of God, Who bound Himself to humanity in the person of Jesus. The resurrection reminds us that Christ is the Victor, that despair cannot win, that salvation is available to all. May God bless you and those you love this Easter! Fr. Hurlbert I ask you to remember the parish with a generous financial gift. While anything you give is welcome, if you can afford an Easter gift to the parish of $200 or more, that would go a long way toward helping us meet our expenses. Online, you can go to our parish “landing page”: gand scroll down to the tab that says “donate with E-Giving.” Clicking that will take you to GiveCentral, our online giving platform. There you can make a one-time Easter donation and even set up an automatic regular weekly or monthly Stewardship donation. You can also text the word “Easter” to (773) 242-6165 to receive a text back with a link to the giving site. Rev. James F. Hurlbert Pastor Nativity of Our Lord and Saint Gabriel 653 West 37th Street Chicago, IL 60609 773.927.6263 ... [Message clipped] View entire message

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