Church Reopening on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Hello Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabriel families!

As the gospel of St. Luke professes. I bring you good tidings! Our parish has been given the approval to begin “Phase 1& 1A” of opening our church, with the ultimate goal of fully reopening down the road at some point. “Phase 1 & 1A” allows us to host Baptisms, Funerals, Reconciliation and Weddings. At this time, and in accordance with state and city guidelines, we are limited to a total number of 10 attendees (does not count ministers/volunteers) at each of these services. We ask for your patience as we work through the phased reopening plans that the Archdiocese has given us.

As you can imagine, we need to follow the same rules that are in place for all businesses and public places at this time. So that means we all must wear face masks

and practice social distancing when we attend any service in our beautiful churches.

We are attaching two website links to this letter. The Archdiocese has done a very good job of laying out the rules we need to follow at each step. Also, as part of this process, we have put together a committee of parishioners to help us with reopening. This includes people to help us clean and disinfect the church, pass out hand sanitizer and greet each other at the doors. We want to make this process as pain free and welcoming as possible, but we need everyone to work together to make it happen. We ask that you please especially read the “Parishioner Reopening Guide” that is included in the second website link below. It does a great job laying out the rules that we all have to follow as we open back up.

We hope this letter finds you well and we ask that you pray for our parish and the entire church as we navigate this process. It is our hope that we will be back to a full, complete opening of church and resumption of the Holy Mass and all services before too long. “Phase 2” allows for Mass. We will keep you informed as we progress.

Pleases go to this website to see all of the rules that will be put in place:

This link below covers information pertaining to all parishioners:

Thank you for all of your continued prayers, financial support and steadfast spirit! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or leave us a message at the either rectory

Respectfully yours,

Deacon Rob Morris and Deacon Erik Zeimys

Adoration Form June 21, 2020
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Adoration Form June 28, 2020
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