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The Mission of Saint Gabriel Catholic School

Saint Gabriel Catholic School provides a challenging, faith-based learning environment that encourages all students to realize their God-given potential. It fulfills the needs of its students by providing standards-based curricula, as well as instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Through instruction in the Catholic faith, each student comes to value the importance of living a faith-filled life.

For students at Saint Gabriel Catholic School:

  • Stewardship becomes a way of life

  • Decisions are based on the moral teachings of the Catholic faith

  • Reading becomes a tool for understanding, interpreting, and evaluating their world

  • Problem solving is integrated throughout the curriculum

  • Creativity is valued and nurtured

  • Thinking about learning is the key to mastery

  • Faith is lived and discipleship is practiced

The Saint Gabriel Catholic School administration, faculty, and staff:

  • Are supportive, respectful, and welcoming to all

  • Encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in the educational and religious training of their students

  • Lead through example through caring and thoughtful words and actions

  • Collaborate with all members of the school community to implement innovative ideas, solve unique challenges, and maintain a student-centered environment

  • Value each student as a child of God

Faith | Tradition | Education


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