Members of Clergy & Staff:

     Rev. James F. Hurlbert, Pastor

     Deacon Erik Zeimys & Deacon Rob Morris

     Kim Osowiec, Operations Director


     Ann Rubich, Coordinator of Religious Education


     Carl DeSanti, Music Director

     Kenned Maclver, St. Gabriel Choir Director


     Rev. Richard Creagh, Senior Priest in Residence (St. Gabriel) 

     Deacon Francis P. Henry, Senior (retired) Deacon


 St. Gabriel Office

     4522 S. Wallace 
     Chicago, IL 60609

     Phone:  (773) 268-9595
     Fax:  (773) 268-9586

     Kathy Bailey, Secretary


     Rectory Office Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9:00 am - 2:30 pm and Friday 9 - 12